"Not only do Intensives open students' eyes to a world of opportunities, but the experience also gives them a sense of belonging to something that they may never have known they want to explore."

Venice, EPIC Academy College and Careers Skills Teacher

In twice yearly weeklong courses we partner with corporations and professionals to show students what it's like to be in their shoes. Intensives are guided by EPIC teachers who prepare the course and help design the interactions with students. Together you plan how to share your passion for your career. How you can help students launch professional networks. How your real world success story can help our students bridge the aspiration gap and see what is truly possible for them.

Academic Intensives

Academic Intensives are for students who struggle with motivation or the academic habits necessary for success. Your involvement can help these students realize the rewards of hard work and how what they do in the classroom today will translate to success tomorrow.

Enrichment Intensives

Enrichment Intensives introduce careers our students might not have considered, and model critical thinking, communication and professional skills that are vital in the workplace.  Your involvement can broaden our students' perception of what is possible for their futures.