Career Intensives

Career Intensives 2022

Career Intensives is a week-long career exploration program that exposes students to unique career experiences while in high school, opening doors of opportunity for their post-secondary goals and aspirations. Intensives allow students to learn, discover, and connect with a myriad of careers and professionals from around the city of Chicago. 

Career Intensives take place twice a year.

Winter: January/February

Spring: June

EPIC students select which career field they are interested in and participate in a full-week learning experience. Intensive partners visit our campus and engage students through a classroom presentation where students can learn about their career journey and collaborate on a work simulation project. 

The week concludes with students visiting our partners' workplaces and showcasing what they have learned via a presentation. This engagement allows students to interact with not only the presenters but their colleagues as well. Students present what they have learned throughout the week and have lunch and network with professionals. 

To view a list of our recent partners, please click here.