New Building Project - The Future is EPIC

Renderings of the new school building

An EPIC Challenge

EPIC’s current building is outdated, with insufficient space and equipment to provide the education EPIC scholars, faculty, staff, and community deserve. Even for the elementary school students for which it was designed; the space lacks basic resources such as an auditorium, library, gymnasium, and adequate science labs. Many EPIC students may depend on school to meet an array of needs: nutrition, fitness, internet and multimedia access; arts and recreation, to name just a few.

The Plan:

To purchase a 56,000 sq. ft. building in South Chicago, a now-closed Archdiocesan school, along with adjacent properties, and to revitalize it with state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and resources. With the new building, EPIC Academy aims to grow its student body to 600 students, a 20% increase in the near, short-term, with the ultimate goal of 800 students, a 60% increase over today’s student body.

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We had town halls on March 15, 2022  and May 17, 2022, and received valuable feedback from stakeholders. We need your feedback. 

You can view the presentation and recording from the town hall on May 17 HERE and the recording below. 

Please leave your thoughts and feedback through our anonymous survey HERE 

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