College Preparation

At EPIC Academy, we open our students' minds to new possibilities and to get them to believe that with effort and perseverance, they will achieve.

Students start planning their futures from the moment they enter our doors. Freshmen learn about the different types of colleges and admission requirements, and connect college types and majors to their interests. Juniors identify best-fit colleges and prepare for the SAT. Seniors select and apply to schools, scholarships and other financial aid.

College Applications and Financial Aid

Applying to college can be confusing and difficult. For first-generation college students who are the first in their families to go college, this process can be especially challenging. At EPIC, we recognize that it takes a village to pursue higher education. Students receive support from a cadre of teachers, volunteers and peers, who guide our juniors and seniors through the many application forms, personal statements, and the all-important Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We require our seniors to apply to at least seven schools---ensuring that opportunities for both financial aid and admission are maximized.

College Visits

EPIC students visit at least eight colleges during their path to graduation. They are exposed to schools with the highly selective admission standards (like the University of Chicago and Northwestern University), large publicly-funded institutions (like the University of Illinois at Chicago) and smaller, private schools (like Augustana College and Cornell College). Students also visit local two-year colleges that are stepping-stones to a four-year degree or that provide career-oriented technical training.

Our goal is to help our students understand the contours of college life and the breadth of opportunity, and to begin the process of finding their home after EPIC.