Career Readiness


Through Intensives, EPIC Academy’s signature career exposure and exploration program, we work with professionals to bridge the aspiration gap through career experiences. Twice a year, Intensives are guided by EPIC teachers who prepare the courses and help design the interactions between students and professionals. 

Intensives expose students to careers they may not have been familiar with or previously considered. It shows them how to launch a professional network.

This invaluable experience gives students options for the future and widens their imaginations to believe that as long as they commit the effort to achieve their goals, they belong in any professional setting. 

Past Intensives partners have included investment banks, high-tech research labs, music and video production studios, culinary arts, law firms, dance studios and medical facilities.


EPIC’s summer internships are designed to bridge the gap between classrooms and careers. EPIC’s internship program supports and trains student leaders to equip them with the work experiences, skills and resources needed to prepare them for their desired career field. The program provides students with experiential learning opportunities at partner workplaces and gives them critical resources and training via weekly professional development sessions. 

Real-World Skills

We believe that a 21st century high school curriculum should prepare students for success in college and in life. That is why every EPIC class focuses on literacy skills—the ability to read, comprehend and critically analyze anything from a scientific text to the latest graphic novel. Every EPIC class sharpens writing and presentation skills—so that our students are able to share their thoughts and persuade others to follow. Every EPIC class works to enhance our students’ capacity for critical thinking and analysis. And because career success is highly correlated with the ability to work in teams, every EPIC class includes projects where students must work in small groups to produce a final product. In the end, our students graduate with confidence that they have been prepared to succeed, a confidence grounded on the skills they have acquired during their four years at our school.