Our History

Several years ago, five teachers met at a coffee shop to imagine the perfect high school.

They were all veterans of urban education. They understood the challenges faced by young men and women coming of age in an underserved community and the supports they needed to overcome a legacy of discrimination.

Most of all, they understood that these students weren’t suffering from a lack of ability, but from a lack of belief---the belief that they had a place in our 21st century economy, and that whatever obstacles they faced were surmountable if they dedicated themselves to finding the way to a better future for themselves and their community.

That coffee shop was the birthplace of EPIC Academy. We believe that every student can grow, learn, achieve and lead. We dare our students to imagine, and we prepare them to succeed.

And the great thing is---they DO succeed. More than 90% of the students in our first graduating class were accepted to a 4-year college.