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We believe post-secondary education is the equalizer for life options and long-term happiness. Our students are capable of graduating from their best-value higher educational institutions. It’s our work to ensure that we dare each student to imagine an ambitious future vision and then expect and coach the hard work and skills required to realize it.

Daily Non-Negotiables 

  1. ‚ÄčKnow where 100% of students are toward the mastery of skills.
  2. Expect college-bound beliefs and behaviors.
  3. Objective, activities, and assessment all aligned to the standard rigor.
  4. Live our values.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Preferred Illinois Teaching Certificate 
  • Leaders who are relentless in teaching, creating buy-in, and holding every student to high expectations.
  • Highly organized managers of time that are able to prioritize, focus and deliver.
  • Teammates who make everyone better by going above and beyond for the mission and the team.
  • People that get results regardless of the obstacle.
  • We are flexible on experience and can be flexible on certification in high-needs areas (math, science, etc.).


Classroom Leaders lead people to greatness. Our Classroom Leaders are positively contagious. When students talk about why they can't succeed, we show them every reason they can, transferring belief for students to own their own greatness.


  • Responsibility #1 – Focus on Skills: We focus on skills first and wrap content around them to drive interest and additional rigor. This is SAT Standards for 9-11th and College Study & Writing Skills for 12th.
  • Responsibility #2 – High Expectations: Create a safe learning environment that exudes high expectations for every student at every moment. 
  • Responsibility #3 – Just Right Support: Lead a Crew (homeroom) of 20 students where you are the liaison to home, deliver a curriculum for high school success, and meet with students to set goals and review progress towards increasing GPA, academic behaviors, and attendance. staff on boat
  • Responsibility #4 – Be a Great Teammate: Fully invest in our professional development. Make every second count by displaying high levels of attendance, preparation, and participation in both the work we do and in all meetings (grade level, co-teaching and coaching). Deliver and use data and reports to drive improvement.
  • Responsibility #5 - Make the Extras Count: Teach a reading intervention class or an elective club class. 12th-grade teachers lead a Senior Seminar class where students practice college study skills.