About Us

EPIC Academy, a public, open-enrollment charter high school, has served low-income African-American and Latino students in South Chicago since 2009.

The South Chicago community, one of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods, has a 20% unemployment rate and a childhood poverty rate that is 86% higher than all other U.S. neighborhoods. Epic Academy serves one of the most challenging student demographics in Chicago: 95% free/reduced lunch, 24% of students with diverse learning needs, and 15% English Language Learners. 

Despite the obstacles our students face, we have a 100% college acceptance rate, and 78% of our students enroll in college upon graduation.


EPIC Academy has a shared commitment for our students to pursue excellence and high expectations for postsecondary success, working towards college and career readiness through a variety of pathways.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

EPIC Academy does not tolerate acts of discrimination, including acts of discrimination based on gender, race, color, national origin, age, sexual orientation or disability.  EPIC has adopted the Chicago Board of Education’s Combined Americans with Disabilities ACT and 504 Policy which can be found by clicking here and the Chicago Board of Education’s Comprehensive Non-Discrimination Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy which can be found by clicking here